Greenboy Audio updated their status.

**SOLD** Ready for immediate shipping! F115 all black Baltic Birch.
Contact joseph at greenboy audio dot com for details.

*** SOLD ***
For immediate shipping- JHawk Customs demo F212.
Okoume plywood build for a 57lb powerhouse cab.
$1375 plus shipping in ConUS.
email- joseph at greenboyaudio dot com for more info.


Remember - jHawk Customs is part of Greenboy Audio

'Keepin' it real'
Greenboy Audio
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Greenboy Audio added 2 new photos.

The cabs going to NAMM -
From left: Customer build F210, The rest are jHawk demo cabs - F115, F112 (x2) and the just completed F212.
We'll also have Skip's (Circle K Strings) 15/6/1.
Time to load up!

Waiting for the big brown truck............

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Greenboy Audio added 4 new photos to the album: FEARLESS F212.

The final member of the FEARLESS family!


British Racing F115's.
Fast and Furious!

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OK Stephen. Right you are -
Let's put it in the wedge position just to mix it up.

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Funny how it goes in waves.
Shipped an F210 today that looked exactly like the last one. Will be shipping an F115 later this week that looks exactly like the last one. Pics would be redundant right?


Greenboy Audio

Announcing: Greenboy Audio!

Don Barry (BAD), Joseph Hawley (jHawk Customs) and Mark Robertson (BNA Audio, along with Justin Herlocker) are uniting to form a company - Greenboy Audio! Our goal is to provide better, faster service, and the highest-quality bass cabs possible. We offer custom, one-of-a-kind grills, different material choices, and three builders covering the west, the east and the middle of the USA, with much more to come!

During the transition period, you should continue to send your inquiries and orders to the individual builders.

Mark's comments:

"The formation of this company was so organic, that it just didn't make sense not to do it! When BNA first got started, Don was right there lending advice, trade secrets and constructive criticism. His knowledge of all things technical, coupled with a very friendly, generous spirit was invaluable to us early on. Joseph and I met very early on as well. We got together at a Legendary ShackShackers gig in Phoenix and hit it off instantly. We have kept in touch on a very regular basis ever since. Joseph's woodworking chops and crossover builds are so good, it really made BNA step up our game. As time went on, the three of us found we were having conference calls and emails trying to come up with better methods, materials, etc. I honestly don't remember who brought up the idea of a combined company first, but I don't think any of us even blinked before saying, 'let's do it!' We approached Dave Green to make sure the idea had his blessing and formed an LLC, so here we go!"

Don's comments:

"The formation of Greenboy Audio was an inevitable conclusion that we independently reached a few months ago. Mark, Joseph, and I had been collaborating (and commiserating) on a number of issues in the vein of improving our process and end products. To borrow a phase from Mark, we found that we can be more successful competing with each other rather than against each other. The last year or so has been an informal alliance that you may have seen throughout the forums. We recently decided to combine our efforts to bring these wonderful designs from greenboy to the next level through marketing, production, and customer service."

Joseph's comments:

"As Mark and Don have already mentioned, the formation of our alliance happened very naturally over the course of time. Therefore, it seemed an obvious next step to create Greenboy Audio. As we have worked together behind the scenes, it became apparent that we all have a desire to further the greenboy brand beyond our own individual entities. We have already accomplished more collectively than as individuals. Look for more of that to come."'

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Dually on it's way to CA. Loaded with Faital drivers. Built with Okoume ply -came in at 57lbs even!

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Album F210
JHawk Customs LLC added 3 new photos to the album: F210.
June 7, 2013

Waiting on deposits for another Dually and a 15/6/1
All for California! Hey guys, should we be worrying about the fault lines??

OK- It's finished. Don't be fooled by the beauty.
She's dangerous!

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Order received for an Okoume Dually. Faital drivers. Going for the vintage chrome corner, grill cloth and piping look.
Old school sound and look.

Finishing up an F115 for Mr. Che Nemeth!
Debut coming this Saturday at RockaBella.

Public Figure
'Please bring can food Donations for ST.MARY'S FOOD BANK! FREE TO THE PUBLIC, CAMP-OUT ALLOWED...3PM- ???'

Off she goes- Coming to you Riley!
I know you'll treat her with the respect she deserves!