Dedication To Dad

PrimalX is dedicated in loving memory to my Father Joseph Jacob Brunner, II 1944-1980

For showing your little girl the world framed through a lens, teaching your daughter the magick of nature, science and animals, and instilling in me the importance of simple things. Miss you every single minute.

Joseph Jacob Brunner IIMy father was an avid amateur photographer… truly it was his passion and obsession. He recorded my entire first 12 years on film. He shot much of the North Western United States, and documented our family and friends.

He captured the smallest of things. Icicles melting in the dawn. Sunsets over the Pacific. The simple beauty of a flower.

I would look at the slides on the big screen in our living room in awe as a child. I learned to see the world through his eyes. The little details most people never notice. The way light plays with the shadows. Colors.

Some where along the way… it became my passion and obsession. Framing everything around me. In many ways, I picked up where he left off. Recording, documenting and capturing new worlds. I think he loves that he inspired me so…

My Father’s Photos Gallery