“For the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack” ~ Rudyard Kipling

RAVEN SERENITY “SERE”: 75% Malamute, 25% Arctic Wolf. Brown eyes 125 lbs.
NICKNAMES: Sere, Fuzzerbutt, Bug, Sere Bug, Bitchy McBitch, Ms. Fuzzy Britches.01/29/96 – 01/07/09

ALABASTER STORM “STORM”: 50% Shepherd, 25% Malamute, 25% Timber Wolf. Gold eyes 144 lbs.
NICKNAMES: Stormy, Stormin’ Normin’, Normie, Mr. Moofkins, Mr. Big Ears, Woofie. 01/30/96 – 03/20/10