“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.” ~ Anonymous

SIX (black & white shorthair, green eyes, polydactyl – six toes on all feet, female) Nicknames: Six-y, Sweetie, Little Lady, Love Bug. Born unknown but estimated 2014. Fixed feral showed up skin and bones during a cold snap. Gotcha day October 19, 2016.

LUNA (tortoiseshell shorthair gold eyes, female) Nicknames: Luna Mau, Princess Luna, Lunatic, Freckles, Scribbly, Unagi. Born mid May 2004.

GYPSY (grey tabby mix longhair gold/green eyes, female) Nicknames: Princess Fuzzy Pants, Gypsy Mau, Fuzzy Butt, Fuzzy Britches. Born sometime in April 2004.

SALEM (tuxedo shorthair gold/green eyes, female) Nicknames: Shy Girl, Baby Boots, Socks, Little Black Nose, Whiskerkins. Born sometime in April 2004, passed January 2018.

MAGICK (black shorthair gold/green eyes, female) Nicknames: Spook, Spooky, Streak, Wuss Puss. Born about July 27th 2003.

RONIN (black on black tabby shorthair gold eyes, male) Nicknames: (my personal) Parasite, Monkey, Squishy, Mishka, Pestikins. Born about April 5, 2003.

SAMHAIN (calbie/torbie shorthair gold/green eyes, female) Nicknames: Momma, Pretty Lady, Mommy Kat, Sidewinder. Estimated born the end of October 2002.

NINJA (black shorthair green eyes, male) Nicknames: House Dawg, Ninjakins, Nijita, Big Man. Born in October 2000, passed in October 2017.

BOO (black shorthair green eyes, female) Nicknames: Booberoobus, Witchkins, Witchling, Roo, Poo, Schmoo. Born in February 1986, passed in 2003.