Why the nickname WolfCat?

Well, it was originally the name that my vehicle got dubbed volunteering at the wildlife sanctuary, which eventually transferred to me. So because of my deep love for animals, and my seeming indecision to favor wolves or cats (most of the animal folks in general, seem to favor one or the other). I have deep connections with both, I could never choose, and thankfully I don’t have to! >^..^<

Can I use your photos on my website, in my magazine, for my school project, etc?

It depends on what you are going to do with them. ASK px at primalx.com for permission, I can be reasonable about these things.

What camera equipment do you use?

I use Canon cameras exclusively, and my father used Canon. I use a variety of Canon lenses and various special effects lens filters (Cokin, others). Some times I use a Speedlite 550EX flash, which has worked with every Canon camera I have had.

Spring 2014 – Present: Canon EOS 70D

February 2005 – Spring 2014: My “Italian Stallion” Canon EOS 300D (purchased in Rome, Italy)

Spring 2004 – February 2005: Went digital Canon EOS D1

1986 – Spring 2004: Canon EOS 650. Kodak and Fuji film

How do you get the glowy, low-light effect?

I “slow-sync” the flash and camera by switching to Av Mode and setting the aperture as low as 3.5 – 4.0. This sets off the flash as the shutter opens, but the shutter remains open after the flash has died away, recording all the ambient light. The subject and photographer must remain motionless during the entire exposure, the less light the longer the time. I highly recommend a tripod and remote!

Are your photos digitally enhanced?

Updated 07.21.16

No, and yes.

When PrimalX was originally created my photographs were not digitally enhanced.

The special effects (starry twinkles, glowy lighting, blurs, etc.) were – and still are –  done in the PHOTOGRAPHY using “slow-sync” and various lens filters. Occasionally an image would get minor retouches (ie: for a skin blemish) or the contrast was adjusted.

Fast forward to May 2016 and a backlog of approximately 2 years of photo shoots to be processed and posted. I was overwhelmed, to say the least, and decided to get help with maintaining the website.

The new PrimalX Webmistress, Marsha Sorce, has taken some of my photos in the recent galleries and created works of digital art with them. (See the Jinmo galleries.)

We think the photos that have been digitally enhanced are pretty obvious, but to keep things straight we’re in the process of adding a Digital Art credit to the photos she’s collaborated on. ** 01.23.17 This is now done.

I continue to shoot using the special effects mentioned above – so it remains true that most of my photos on the site are not digitally enhanced.

Marsha’s discovered the special effects shots work really well for a digital art version. However, when you see an image with starry twinkles, glowy lighting, blurs, etc., that is still done with the camera. What Marsha does is add other filters & stark contrasting to enhance what is already in the image.

How often do you update this website?

Update 07.21.16: Now that I have Marsha working on the site, things are getting caught up! Since starting in June 2016, She’s gotten 4 new galleries posted, split 2 galleries that were too large (and so all the images were not being displayed!), and added lots of new images to existing galleries.

Update 02/27/17: PX 6.0 is live! It was a huge project to redesign and then move the website to a new hosting provider, but it had to be done. And now we can get back to posting photos….

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