The Big Man on Bass

Jessica & David, Hollywood, California 1988Stranger Than Fiction

November 2010: Twenty-two years ago David Meidinger wrote me a love letter on the back of a photograph I shot of him and stuck it back in the album.

He was leaving the apartment we shared with a guitar player in Hollywood and going home to Wyoming (why did I think all this time it was Colorado?)

All these years later, searching for an image from my rock archives, I opened a book to that very photo of David. He had also written on the front, smiling, I pulled the photo out to get a better look at the note when Roxanne Brown says “Did you know there is writing on the back of that picture.”

Traveling across time in David’s hand were feelings I was oblivious to. My heart melted on the spot, memories flooding my mind, why had I been so blind? Gotta love Google, one quick search and his face was staring back at me from a band photo… in Colorado. It also told me where he was working. Would he be happily married with kids?

One internet search followed by a phone call changed my everything, his everything.

David still feels the same way about me, and it turns out, I feel the same about him. Endless hours on the phone, California dreaming, Denver and back and forth and… we relocated to The Mile High City in August 2011 — very much in love, in like and in lust.

Who knew life could be like this… Love could be like this. *heavy sigh* Stranger than fiction, true story!

September 2, 2017 – We got Hitched! 

“Ih-Ah” (Addicted)

As everything in life,
comes together now
I need your mind
And everything is light,
I remember now. I see you rise.
And all the lonely things,
seem to want to change
I’ll sleep on it tonight.

We don’t even understand
Something’s going on
We don’t even understand
So how could this be wrong… ah!

I’m so in love with you
…how could I? Ever be untrue.
Am I with you? With everything I do.
God I love you. I love you…

We don’t even understand
Something’s going on
We don’t even understand
So how could we be wrong

We don’t know or care
Somethings always there
We see it’s in own our hands,
But we just don’t understand.