About Jessica Black

“Jessica Black has an uncanny ability to give even the most mundane and normal settings and subjects an ethereal, OTHERWORLDLY quality that illustrates not only her technical proficiency at her craft, but her ability to evoke with her art the emotions we experience when traveling to the darkest corners of our imagination.” ~ Roxanne Colella

I dream of being an ARTIST…

I have been taking pictures nearly my whole life. The first time I can remember actually pointing a camera and taking a photograph was of my family in Yellowstone Park. I was SIX.

I began taking PHOTOGRAPHS many years ago, somewhere in Hollywood, wandering the Sunset Strip and Gothic Underground. The addiction of capturing a moment, an image, something others didn’t see… has become a part of me. My ESSENCE. I am fascinated by everything, and I am constantly framing the world around me in my mind with a viewfinder.

When I first see my photographs I usually hate them. After a few days I think they aren’t so bad. In a few weeks I’ve singled out some pretty good ones. And after about a year or so… there it is. One shot that is PERFECT.

Sometimes the subject does not even exist any more. Fashions and hairstyles change, maybe there is a line or two in a face that wasn’t there. Buildings get torn down, children grow up, landscapes are altered forever. Photography captures a moment FROZEN in time. I can travel back in my mind, but the image cannot be duplicated now. Life rearranges everything… all that remains is what I recorded. A glimpse. Evidence. TIMELESS.

And so I shoot… perched on a hillside trying to capture lighting. Following some over-active animal or bird through mountains or fields. Begging or bribing my family of friends to play dress up and let me record it. Watching and waiting for just the right light in the garden before the sun sets, slipping away and the shot is gone.

With no photo addiction rehab centers in sight, my condition is incurable, but what a condition to have for a lifetime.

If LUCK is with me, a few, or maybe even ONE photograph will outlast my own memories and lifetime. A piece of me will be left behind. With its passage a photograph becomes PRICELESS. A work of ART.


…I have been known by many names…
Jessica Black, Red, JB, JD, Jess, Gypsy

…and in “other worldly” places…
Jezebel Crosse (the piratess), Nocticula (the gothess)
Najwa Sahirnee (the gypsy, meaning “secretive enchantment”)

I was given the spiritual name of “Irobelah Heugh Freagher” September 2, 2006
by my beloved friend and hair guru for 10+ years
Hienrih (Master Name and Alphabet Analyst) Rest In Peace my Friend

I was even formerly referred to as “What’s Her Butt” for many YEARS – Thanks Rich!


09.02.17: Add another name to the list, Mrs. David Meidinger!