Critter Clan new pics added

Bacon, Salem & Sakura 2015
Bacon, Salem & Sakura 2015

Added 13 images to the Feline gallery, including a picture of the elusive Magick and Salem who’s finally decided she lives here!

Added 37 images to the Canine gallery. There’s been two  new additions to the Canine Critter Clan since the last update. We gave forever homes to two National Dog Mill Rescue cuties, Sakura a gorgeous Siberian Husky (“Miley” when she was rescued) and an adorable Pomeranian named Cyclone. They’re both doing great, and are learning how to “dog” from their big brothers Mingus and Bacon.


Cyclone was rescued from the mill after 10 YEARS of living in a small cage with very little interaction – human or canine. The only affection he knew was the few moments of breeding time he had with a female. When he first came home with us he was very shy and uncertain of this new, big world. But with lots of love and help from all his new friends, he’s playing with toys, going outside, and experiencing a world full of new tastes.

Sakura was still young when she was rescued from the mill, and has adjusted to her new home pretty quick and quite nicely. Her favorite new thing is TASTES, who knew the world was so full of them? She loves her brothers Mingus and Bacon, and is now helping Cyclone adjust to life outside of a cage.