Happiest 2014!

It is only New Year’s Eve and I have completed my New Year’s resolution to get everything I have photographed in the last year and a half plus finally POSTED!

Added TWELVE new galleries to Rockfolio’s Colorado Rock:
Lodo Bass Bash: A Bass Players Christmas @ Strange Grounds 12.21.13
Lodo Bass Bash: Bass Players Xmas @ Strange Grounds 12.21.13
Lodo Bass Bash @ Strange Grounds 11.16.12
Princess @ Herman’s Hideaway 11.15.13
Lodo Bass Bash Strange Grounds 10.26.13
Bass Across America @ Strange Grounds 09.21.13
LoDo Bash Bash @ Tennyson’s Tap 07.27.13
Jewel Hill & Bowfinger @ Toad Tavern 12.20.12
Devin Townsend Project @ The Summit 09.14.12
Jewel Hill & Bowfinger 07.28.12
Voided @ Herman’s Hideaway 06.14.12
Mojo Kamaikaze for Chris Badger @ Aggie Theater 06.02.12
David Meidinger w/Cass Holland @ Holland Studios 03.24.12

Lots of new images: Colorado
Denver at Night

Shooting when my beloved Roxanne Brown came to visit
Roxanne Brown Poudre Canyon, CO 09.02.12

Updated all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter
Summer 2013

Created a new gallery: Feeder Frenzy Reptiles. Added amazing amounts of critters: amphibians, avian, creepy crawlie, equestrian, prey, reptilian & scurriers. Plus The Felines and Moose, Mingus & Bacon, photos of Dave and I, me and with friends.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year, Cheers!